Back-Lumbar Support for travel, work, and home.

Lumbar Support

Whether you need a seat cushion with back support for traveling in a car or airplane, for sitting at your home office or for your work desk chair, The BackThing is the cushion with the lumbar support you’ve been searching for.

Designed by a neurosurgeon to provide outstanding lumbar support, this patented chair support promotes better posture and provides the ultimate option in seating comfort. Constructed of supple, white pine slats encased in a padded vinyl cushion, The BackThing fits on any chair or seat and gently provides support for your middle and lower back.

Back Support for Traveling

Whether you’re flying or driving, sitting for long periods of time without being able to stretch or move can put a serious strain on your back. In fact, because most of us sit for long periods of time during the day, 8 out of 10 people experience back pain at some point in their life. Most often the problem is that we are sitting for simply too long with too poor posture.

The BackThing is your answer to better posture and a more pain free life. The BackThing is designed to provide support on airplanes as well as in other vehicles and in any other chair, and most importantly it promotes a healthy posture, so when you sit with The BackThing, you’ll finally feel relief.

Back Support for Your Desk Chair

Even when we’re not traveling, a large portion of many people’s day is spent sitting in an office chair. When we aren’t moving around, as the central support for our upper bodies, our backs are still actively working. When you sit with good posture, your back’s natural shape is maintained and your back remains happy. When we sit all day, however, good posture can be difficult to maintain.

When you sit with The BackThing, your posture will remain in a neutral and natural position that keeps your vertebrae aligned and your back happy and pain free.

Back Support for Your Golf Cart, During Pregnancy, and more

There really are a countless number of ways you can utilize The BackThing. Whether you’re looking for an extra chair cushion while pregnant, you need more lumbar support in a wheelchair or you desire lower back support while driving your golf cart, The BackThing can fit and The BackThing will help.

If you’ve got questions about how The BackThing can provide you with better lumbar support, or you’re ready to place your order, give us a call today for fast and friendly customer service.

Introducing The BackThing® Golf Cart!

Just place it on your chair, sit down and feel the difference.

Chair support for back pain

  • Vertical-slat technology provides superior back support
  • Designed by a neurosurgeon for middle and lower back pain
  • Stationary and portable versions. Try both!
  • Patented and made in the U.S.A.

Back Support at the Office“I was skeptical at first, but have been pleasantly surprised by the support that I get from the The BackThing. I typically sit a lot for my job. By the afternoon, my back feels it. I have used the BackThing for the past two months and have experienced less pain as a result. I think it is because I get consistent support in the right places. Other support products move around a lot.”– Jane T., Lexington, MA