Doctor-Designed, Chair Support Dramatically Reduces Back Pain.

The Back Thing®, The Back Thing® Traveler and The Back Thing® Golf Cart

Goodbye back pain. You’ve just discovered The Back Thing®. Designed by a neurosurgeon, this patented chair support promotes better posture and provides the ultimate in sitting comfort. Constructed of supple, white pine slats encased in a padded vinyl cushion, The Back Thing fits on any chair or seat—at home, at the office, in cars, on airplanes—and gently supports the middle and lower back. Available in a portable version, as well, for your traveling comfort. Simply place The Back Thing against the back of any chair, sit down and feel the relief.

Introducing The BackThing® Golf Cart!

Just place it on your chair, sit down and feel the difference.

Chair support for back pain

  • Vertical-slat technology provides superior back support
  • Designed by a neurosurgeon for middle and lower back pain
  • Stationary and portable versions. Try both!
  • Patented and made in the U.S.A.

Back Support at the Office“I was skeptical at first, but have been pleasantly surprised by the support that I get from the The BackThing. I typically sit a lot for my job. By the afternoon, my back feels it. I have used the BackThing for the past two months and have experienced less pain as a result. I think it is because I get consistent support in the right places. Other support products move around a lot.”- Jane T., Lexington, MA