Airplane Back Pain

There is perhaps no more uncomfortable place to experience lower back pain than during an airline flight, especially in economy class. The seats are small and narrow, and placed too closely together. But the most uncomfortable aspect is the absence of any support for the lumbar region. There is just nothing there for the small of your back, unless you consider the small pillows they provide. As most people will attest, these don’t provide much support for any area. The airlines are aware of this problem, but they have opted for expenditures on video equipment and other electronic conveniences, rather than improving sitting comfort.

Statistics show that sitting in one place for more than 20 minutes creates a tightness and discomfort in the lower back. Virtually all commercial flights exceed that time limit, resulting in lower back discomfort for everyone. Unfortunately, with all the other problems the airlines are encountering, it is unlikely that economy class seating will be improved for some time.

Most non-accidental back pain arises from one’s normal daily activities, like sitting. Back problems have escalated in our health-conscious, traveling and TV-sedentary society, resulting in lower back discomfort for most people over age 45. In any circumstance, the weakened lower back must be supported. One of the most effective back discomfort aids available today is The Back Thing. This is the best option because it conforms to any seating environment, whether on the plane, in the office or at home. Save on medical costs and try The Back Thing Traveler, specifically designed to better fit in carry-on luggage.

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