Golf and Low Back Pain

Golf has always been an American pastime, and one increasingly taken up by older demographics, especially so-called “Baby Boomers”. As even the best players age, golf has been shown to take its toll on the back, specifically causing lower back pain. A combination of repeatedly twisting the spine during shots, bending over for putting, and long hours spent on unsupportive golf cart seats quickly adds up to pressure on the lumbar spine.

Check out this multiple section article to find out more about golf and low back pain, tips for playing with back pain, and suggestions on how to treat it. When you’re out to have a good time, the last thing you want to have to deal with is recurring pain. As the article states, “people who suffer from chronic or recurrent episodes of low back pain can be frustrated because the pain hinders their ability to play golf”.

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Story from Spine-Health: © Spine-Health

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