Get to know The Back Thing

The Original Back Thing is the most simple and versatile solution for lower back pain on the market today. Designed by a neurosurgeon to provide support on any seat, The Original Back Thing is perfect for home and at the office.

The Back Thing Recreational  like the Original, is a simple and versatile solution for low back pain. Designed with two extra slats, It is wider than our other Back Things and ideal for golf carts, boats, stadium seats, RV’s, sofas, patio chairs or even boardroom seating. For home health care, it is perfect in wheelchairs to promote better posture and circulation.

The Back Thing Traveler is designed to be even more lightweight and compact than the original, The Back Thing Traveler is purpose-built for when you’re on the go. If you’re crammed into an airline seat or stuck on the train, this is the relief you’ve been waiting for.