I use mine every time I sit in my office chair. It functions almost exactly like the lumbar support feature you find in a luxury automobile. In the past I had slipped a pillow back there as a stopgap measure. The pillow method is a very weak substitute for The Back Thing.

— Stephen J., Stratham, NH

Commuting by train to work places a strain on my lower back. I typically sit for 3 hours daily round trip and really feel it when I get home. The Back Thing has been a nice addition to the commute. I like the fact that it folds for easy placement in my briefcase too.

— Peter F., Baltimore, MD

I have tried a number of support devices, with not much success. I was given The Back Thing as a gift and thought it was just another back pad. I followed the directions and placed it on my chair that I watch movies on. I have been pleased with the results. It is great because you don’t really know that it is there. The support, though, has been noticeable.

— Brian H., Weston, MA